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Hotel gym design thinking: based on the guests' needs Create a space atmosphere

Date: 2019-03-13

As the passengers to deepening cognition of the importance of fitness activities, in the design of hotel gym must inject more thinking.

American buildings company 10-channel DMAC, head of the Architecture auto-mechanic MacEwen, said the hotel basement or fitness places within the confined space has been on the passenger's "blacklist", passengers more hope in the open public space, such as a swimming pool or dining place nearby fitness activities.

The lamplight design of the hotel gym is very important.MacEwen, according to the guest fitness in front of the full-length mirror again and again when they look at their own size, hope to have good manners.The right light can make the guest presents a better state of the skin.

"On the hotel gym construction, cannot use commercial lighting solutions.Hotel also should be like restaurants or other design aims to make people feel comfortable public space, in the gym for unique planning."

Wilson Associates, Dallas studio, according to a senior interior designer Marc Ciafardini "natural lighting and outdoor landscape is the necessary factor."

Interior Design brand MatchLine Design co-founder and chief Lesley Hughes also think Wyman, should let the fitness center has plenty of natural light and outdoor landscape.

"To attract guests using the fitness center is the key to the creation of space atmosphere.If can look straight to the flat roof in the gym or directly to the swimming pool, outdoor activities such as the center, which will effectively enhance the appeal of this space."She added, "never leave hotel gym is located in the basement, the basement of the single structure and limited what light does not attract guests."

Position, experience, and facilities

Hotel Design company Simeone Deary Design, Sara Talleux said, the head of the fitness center should be set in the center of the hotel, but this does not mean that "all the fitness activities need to be limited in a fixed space".

"Our brand bike for fitness facilities, designed the bike ride, provide our guests with a rich local amorous feelings of creative short-haul routes, the guests to enjoy the unique way of fitness and experience."

Talleux this view was Wilson Associates, Dallas studio project designer Gayle Evasco recognition.Gayle said, adding that the hotel can have more space for fitness center, if the center is formed including spa, swimming pool etc. The hotel part of a healthy living space, to give more space, more meaningful.

Another important part of the hotel gym is to provide adequate water supply for the guest.Ciafardin said, "fitness center of filtered water is more welcome than bottled water".

In conditions allow, fitness centers should provide guests with convenient the venue to slow and stretching, and sufficient new towels are placed in specific place, at the same time to collect used old towel.Fitness center, on the other hand, should as far as possible to ensure space height, in order to better put all kinds of fitness equipment.In addition, the hotel should avoid using acoustic ceiling, because the guest does not like to see office that condole carries on the design in the gym.Finally, the fitness center is equipped with 2 ~ 3 TV already is the limit, it does not need to sports bar."